Best Valve Covers for Small Block Chevy

Chevrolet’s Small block engines have made a significant presence in the market for more than a decade. With its innovative technology, it made a great impact on V-8 engine designs.

Moving to valve covers, the basic function protects the inner parts of a vehicle from outer elements. These covers are located on the top of the engine. It also prevents any possible risks of leakage from the motor oil. In addition to this, valve covers reduce the risk of any dust or dirt particles getting inside the valvetrain.

A good quality valve cover is highly responsible for the performance of the engine. Better engine life boosts the durability of a vehicle. They are mostly made from materials like- steel and aluminum and differ in shape and size. A lightweight cover will make installation an easy process for you. Mostly the bolts for installation come along with the product.

The simplest way to install a valve cover on a small block chevy is-

  • Make sure that the gaskets and studs are in a proper line. After this put them on.
  • Then comes the valve covers which require tight screw fitting. Ensure to do this properly to eliminate the chances of oil leakage.

Now that everything the use and installation of valve covers is known, let’s have a look at some of the best product options.

Best Valve Covers for Small Block Chevy

1. Speedway SBC Valve covers

The covers have a smooth aluminum polish and are suitable for small block chevy from 1960-1986. The baffles and dippers are OEM styled and the in-built breather baffles are a plus.

The product comes with two grommets- for stock PCV valve and breather caps. The weight of the cover is light, weighing around 8 pounds. The valve cover has a complete finish and a Chevrolet logo with a bow tie on the top.

The overall durability of the product is high and it is made from superior quality material. The length of the bolt is around 1-¼. One more benefit these covers provide is the prevention of oil spills.

The overall features of this valve cover make it a valuable purchase.

Speedway SBC Small Block Fits Chevy Fits V8 Bow Tie Aluminum Valve Covers
  • Polished aluminum valve covers fit '60-'86 SBC and are made to GM specs
  • Feature OEM style baffles and dippers
  • Made to GM specs

2. Proform 141- 899 Valve covers

This cover is made of thick still material and chrome plating. The bow tie logo makes it look quite attractive. It is suitable for models built from the year 1958-1986 and is durable in terms of material quality when compared with other products in the market.

It is economical and provides value for money. The product provides protection from oil leakage in the valve cover area. It is also competent in preventing corrosion due to the colors used.

The covers have an air breather cap and PCV grommets included. The weight of the package is around 2.9 kgs. Installation is also not a hectic task.

ProForm 141-899 Stamped Valve Cover Chevrolet and Bow Tie Emblem, Pair
  • Proform a trusted industry leader
  • Backed by manufacturer's Warranty
  • Great Performance

3. Assault racing products small block covers

The valve cover is made from strong aluminum with chrome plating and is best suited with models from 1958-1986. The cover has a finished appearance on the top and is short in size with a height of 3 3/16”.

The product comes with included baffles and air breathers. It also has stainless steel bolts for installation and grommets along with the product. With all the included parts, it becomes the perfect fit for your car as it eliminates the unnecessary hassle to find them.

The valve cover has a retro touch added to it. Also, the cover protects from any oil leakages. The only thing absent is the logo on the cover. Apart from this, it is a budget-friendly aluminum valve cover.

4. Spectre Performance valve covers

With a triple coating chrome plating on the steel cover, these covers are suitable for 1958-1986 Chevrolet models. The design consists of three holes and the covers are baffling.

They also support air breathers and have a medium height. The material is of sturdy quality that provides long life and a smooth appearance to the cover. The installation is not very hectic and bolts come along with the product.

The item weighs around 3.65 pounds which is quite light. An additional perk here is an ease in filling and changing the oil due to the proper space provided. The overall fit of the cover is good.

5. Proform stamped valve cover

This is another quality product by Proform. Made up of steel, these covers are available in black color. The covers weigh around 6.95 pounds and are short in height. As the name suggests, the steel used is superior in nature to other products.

The cover has a clean finish and fits perfectly in some specific vehicles. Proform’s valve covers come with baffles and grommets to use with air breathers. They have a design with two holes and a PCV opening for changing oil. The covers decrease the risk of oil leaking.

It can surely withstand anything and has a long-lasting feature. In short, a premium product that is worth your investment.

Proform 141-751 Stamped Valve Cover
  • Package Dimensions: 10.668 H x 51.054 L x 23.622 W (centimetres)
  • Package Weight: 7.05 pounds
  • Fit type: Vehicle Specific

To Summarize

Some basic features to look for while buying a valve cover are-

  • The fitting of the covers is important to consider. They are available in short and tall styles. Choose the one that suits the specs of your car.
  • The material should be strong and resistant. As mentioned above, there are steel and aluminium covers. You can choose according to your budget.
  • If you are specific about the presence of the logo, choose a cover with logo design.
  • Usually, the covers have 2 or 3 holes. The recent designs have two holes that act as  oil fillers and air breathers.
  • The product should have a clean finish for an attractive look. Look for a valve cover with smooth polish on the material.

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