Best Spark Plugs for 5.7 Hemi: Reviews & Buying Guide

Spark plugs are small screws that help the engine generate electricity. However, if the 5.7 Hemi’s spark plug is not good, then it’s time for the compressed air/fuel mixture to burn off smoothly.

Believe me, they are not the best category, but you are looking for the best spark plug for 5.7 Hemi. These spark plugs increase the engine’s workload and can provide power to the combustion chamber.

In the case of the 5.7 Hemi, you may have to change the spark plug every 30,000 miles – this is a great opportunity to find the best spark plug for you!

Best Spark Plugs for 5.7 Hemi

In order to facilitate your work, we have compiled a list of the best spark plugs for 5.7 Hemi. If you want a smoother and more enjoyable ride, check it out!

1. Mopar Set of 16 Chrysler Jeep Dodge Spark Plugs Mopar

For 5.7 Hemi, this is certainly one of the best plugs we can recommend. If you want to install these plugs on the engine, it is best to use a 6-inch rotary tool.

The packaging that comes with the kit is very clean. The exact details of the parts are listed here, so there will be no confusion. The best part of mounting this spark plug is that you can get better mileage. After adding MPG to your engine, the MPG will definitely improve.

You will receive a factory spark plug and the effect is amazing. When you drive a truck, you’ll know why it’s worth investing here. This is an accurate OEM replacement and the price is very reasonable. These are used with many engines.

But before you buy, check if the spark plug fits your truck. The spark plug will be filled to provide protection during transportation. The design and structure of these spark plugs are also of a very high standard. These are the recommended spark plugs for dodge ram 1500 5.7 hemi

2. Bosch Automotive 8162 Double Platinum Spark Plug

These spark plugs are confusing because they work differently in all engines. If you have a high-performance vehicle, these are excellent. In this case, if you are a proud user of 5.7 Hemi, you can expect it to be very useful for the engine.

Once installed, you will see that your car will start quickly. There will be no delays or setbacks. In addition, the truck will work better at high speeds and you will see greater response. As it is made of platinum and iridium, you can be sure of the performance of these spark plugs. You can use them for quite some time. On the other hand, if we compare the prices, it is very affordable!

If you have old spark plugs that cough or babble, you should replace them with this one. It is very suitable for the vast majority of models. If you look at the list of approved models of these spark plugs, you will have nothing to say!

3. NGK LZFR5C-11 Spark Plug

NGK changed the rules of the game in the spark plug list. It has the ability to produce the ideal spark needed to start the engine. If one compares the price with the quality of the product, the price will surprise you.

Without the NGK spark plug, the list of the best 5.7 Hemi spark plugs would never be complete. It has a chrome base, so there is no need to prevent it from sticking. In addition, it does not require any major expenditures. It’s a bit short, but it will fit the 5.7 Hemi perfectly. The core of the plug is made of copper, so you can imagine the durability of the plug.

This is a gasket seat. In contrast, cold-rolled threads with spark plugs can reduce head damage. In addition, to dissipate heat, a copper core is beneficial – there is zinc in the body to ensure that no corrosion is visible!

These spark plugs have a wider gloss range. In addition, the equipment includes silver chromate to prolong its life. The range is approximately 26.5 mm and the thread diameter is approximately 144 mm.

4. NGK 2262 Spark Plug ZFR5F-11

No matter how many spark plugs you are looking for, if you want the best option, it is always best to choose NGK to spark plugs. These are the perfect suggestions for your Hemi 5.7. These spark plugs are practically extension spark plugs. And for their price, they are very reasonable.

Whether it’s a Chrysler, Jeep, or Dodge, you can install these spark plugs which will give you the best starting experience for your truck! The brand will provide you with OEM quality products and you won’t have to worry about paying too much. The big advantage is the installation. Installation won’t take 15-20 minutes! It’s easy even for amateurs!

Interestingly, these spark plugs will also help improve your vehicle’s MPG. Corrugated ribs have been added, so you don’t have to worry about jumping the fire anymore! Plus, there are triple seals, so no leaks will ruin your workday.

The spark plug has a trivalent metal coating. Therefore, they are resistant to corrosion in all conditions. In addition, for convenience, it also includes non-stick properties. For optimum heat conduction, there is a pure aluminum silicate ceramic insulator in the spark plug.

5. Spark plug NGK 5464 BKR5EIX-11 Iridium IX

No matter where you go, you should believe in Iridium! Indeed, these are Iridium spark plugs, easy to start and drive, and if you are exhausted from the hard journey, it can become a healer! If an OEM spark plug is installed, the resting state will be smooth. Besides, the game will be as smooth as you always wanted!

NGK spark plugs have other advantages. If your truck has been driving with spark plugs for a while, you will notice a slight increase in fuel utilization. Iridium is more resistant than platinum, so you can assume that it will last longer than normal platinum spark plugs.

Replacing the spark plugs can be a little tricky because it takes some time. But installation is easier once you get used to it. It will give your truck a boost. The perfect tone of subtle pop will make you feel better than anything else!

There will be no contamination when the long insulating tip is added. Plus, there’s a triple-jointed seal. Therefore, there are no gas leaks. The thin iridium tip is very durable, you will also see an improvement in throttle response!

6. Champion Spark Plug RE14MCC4 570 Copper Plus

Depending on the name, you can guess that these plugs are made of copper. On the other hand, this may be the best choice for 5.7 Hemi. Compared to other high-quality spark plugs, their prices are very reasonable.

In Hemi 5.7, there are two plugs in each cylinder. Depending on the brand, you must change the plug every 30k miles. Therefore, even if you have been buying platinum or spark plugs all your life, it is useless. It’s better to get durable, long-lasting copper spark plugs, like Champion, even though life is moderate, but the performance is very good!

However, when installing this component, it must be separated. These are not too stylish, but they are corrosion resistant. If you install them, you’ll never face corrosion. In addition, the structure is robust and the design is reliable. If you are an older vehicle and don’t get the ideal spark plugs, make sure you have these plugs ready.

7. Champion 3570 Platinum Power Spark Plugs

Whatever happens, some cannot ignore their love of platinum plugs. For them, it’s best to choose a solid platinum plug. These great platinum plugs are just that! The tip is built from platinum, so there are less wear and tear! The best part is that these plugs will last a long time!

Also included are thermally active alloys – this work is to reach the highest temperature in the shortest time possible! This way, your truck can start quickly and run smoothly. You can rely on the stable performance you get from the spark plug. In addition, it can maintain the temperature under the engine load.

For a better spark, use the center of the cable. In addition, the V-cut floor helps reduce sparking. Therefore, you can get better engine performance without worrying about retarded acceleration.

Also, if you want to use the new plug for minor improvements, you can try it. It can be applied to 5.7 Hemi. Since it is difficult to find a suitable 5.7 Hemi, you can try it!

8. ACDelco Professional Iridium Spark Plugs 41-993

So far, these OEM plugs for 5.7 Hemi can be ideal plugs. These spark plugs can save you money when replacing the spark plugs is annoying and confusing.

One fact to keep in mind before you buy is to light it. You may need to open these plugs for proper installation. However, we do not recommend opening them – you can try applying some anti-jamming and installing them!

After installing these tools, your truck will start looking better than before. When the reflector appears, you won’t hesitate! It is very suitable for Hemi 5.7. It has an iridium tip and works faster than other spark plugs. These are destined to last a long time.

For quality, the price is very low. Radiofrequency can adversely affect the vehicle’s electronic equipment. The best part is that these plugs include a suppressor seal to block frequencies.

Because of the long life of the electrodes, these plugs are equipped with a combustion leakage seal. Therefore, it is very important to ensure the safety of the engine and the vehicle.

9. APDTY Tune-Up Spark Plug Kit

For all Dodge Ram 1500 5.7 Hemi users, this is the most popular spark plug on the market. They are also easy to assemble for beginners. If you are tired of using wires, or always like to keep the process clean and tidy, these spark plugs will be your favorite!

Although the installation is easy to understand, if you are inexperienced, it may take some time to install. This is a high-quality product at a reasonable price.

If you find a fault in the truck, the performance of the vehicle will improve considerably after installation. The fact that all users like it is that the spark plug kit comes with 16 different spark plugs, so it is easier to install correctly.

In addition, there are 8 spark plug wires from the ignition coil to make your job easier. The coil in the spark plug sleeve is an 8-digit number. For the basic configuration, everything you need is included in the set! Therefore, you will not need any other accessories to install it.

10. Autolite AP5263-4OK Platinum Spark Plug

We all know that platinum caps are very strong and last longer. And, if you like platinum earplugs, they are a must. For these, you may have to use a non-stick. If you want excellent performance and more mileage, you can rely on this.

Installation takes 45-50 minutes, a little longer than normal. However, the installation process is simple. The valve seat type is tapered and the thread diameter is 14 mm. The electrode tip material of the spark plug is platinum to improve durability and service life.

A high nickel alloy is added, so precise spacing is always maintained. In the long run, since the tip is made of platinum, no spatial erosion will ever occur. The central electrode emits faster and therefore accelerates faster. Similarly, if this component is installed, the fuel economy will also improve.

Guide to buying spark plugs 5.7 Hemi

If you have a 5.7 Hemi, then you already have a great engine. However, if you want the vehicle to handle better and increase the speed of acceleration, then the new spark plug may be your best ally.

Let’s find out how to select the best spark plug for your 5.7 Hemi.

Spark Plug Type

When choosing the correct ignition position for the 5.7 Hemi, you must understand the details of the different types of spark plugs. There are three basic types of spark plugs on the market. Let’s talk about them.

Copper spark plug

The first spark plug on the list is a copper spark plug. These are the authentic spark plugs and are very affordable.

If you have an old engine and the new one needs better spark plugs than the copper ones, these features are excellent. Compared to other spark plug materials, copper is not very strong or durable.

Platinum Spark Plug

Next on the list is a platinum spark plug, which is 10 times stronger than copper. If you add these vehicles, you will see a significant improvement in vehicle performance.

They work well with both new and older vehicle models. If you don’t like copper or iridium, choose double platinum. Biplatin has a longer life span.

Iridium Spark Plug

If you want to solve the problem better, you should buy an Iridium spark plug. These spark plugs are ideal for modern vehicles.

For better and more efficient fuel consumption and longer life, the Iridium spark plug can change the rules of the game. For the Hemi 5.7, if you want the best, we always recommend the Iridium spark plug.

Size and fit

If you do not equip the 5.7 Hemi with a suitable spark plug, it is useless. Check the size of the threads and nuts.

There are threads of 10mm, 12mm, 14mm, 16mm, 18mm. Choose a model that suits your needs.

Gap Style

The spark plugs are designed for various engine models. If you want to use the right Hemi 5.7 spark plug, you must be very careful.

The ideal clearance for the Hemi 5.7 is 0.43 inches. Therefore, before you buy a spark plug, you should make sure that the clearance is correct.

Choose a meter to measure the clearances. If the gap size you choose is not ideal, make sure you can use the Spark Plug Spacing Tool to adjust the spark plug.