Best Seat Covers For Ford F150

It’s not a luxury to have a seat cover on your F150. The added comfort and beauty can change everything. Think about this: would you be comfortable sitting in a splattered and stained car every day? You can’t give up on the demand for seat coverings or settle for lesser quality items. You need something that is well ventilated, durable, and provides a cushion in case of spills and mishaps. On the lighter side, some come with matching liners for the armrests, headrests, and center benches, allowing you to choose the color that best suits your taste.

Maybe you’re thinking of reselling the vehicle and then investing in seat covers, or whatever you need to bring the price up a bit. Every customer wants a nice car.

Let’s get started. The following are the ideal features to look for; they will ensure you find the best seat covers for Ford F150 pick-up trucks.

Best Seat Covers For Ford F150 Review

LUCKYMAN Seat Covers

The sleek, contemporary design is available in several shades of colors, allowing for slight variations. The seat cover will provide a nice touch to your vehicle’s interior.

Embroidered stitching with a crisscross diamond pattern adds touches to the finish, which drivers and passengers will appreciate.

The side of the seat is not covered, allowing the side airbags to function, and the seat belt section allows for full seat belt use.


The material is comfortable to the touch and durable, as it is made of PU leather. This material is waterproof, and any spilled liquid can be wiped up quickly and simply with a towel.


The company clarifies that this applies exclusively to the Ford F150 occupant cab and not to conventional or extended cabs.

The front seats are incredibly easy to install and can be done in about 10 minutes. Finding suitable bearings for the rear seats is problematic. However, once the problem is solved, they are equally simple to install.


To promote comfort, the material has additional padding. To use the cup holder in the rear seat, the zipper in the center of the seat cover must be opened.

Due to the thickness of the seat cover, those with heated seats may find that heating takes longer than usual.

AIERXUAN Car Seat Covers

The modern embroidered diamond stitch design contrasts subtly with the trim color. The trim comes in a range of shades.

As the front seats are compatible with side airbags, the sides have been exposed to allow for this.


In addition to being attractive, these seat covers are composed of PU leather, which is comfortable and durable.

Spills and other incidents are easily managed due to the material’s waterproof characteristics.


As mentioned above, these seat covers are only compatible with the F150 occupant cab, even though the manufacturer also offers regular and extended cab variants.

Installation is not difficult in general, but we suggest that you follow the instructions carefully to minimize any complications.

Most people estimate that these installations will take 45 minutes.


These seat covers are designed to fit 2015 to 2018 Ford F150 pick-up vehicles.


Simple and uninspiring design that is concise and tidy.

Only available in gray and black, but happily, this is a neutral color scheme that will go with most decor.

Passengers can store small things in the pockets on the back of the seat cover.


The soft-filled neoprene fabric is waterproof, so it will provide various feelings of breathability while in use. It is ideal for people living in warm regions.


Because these are unique full-coverage seat covers, installation may take a longer time. Because the seat cover is quite lightweight, you can finish the installation in 30 minutes if you follow the instructions.

Some consumers mentioned that if you do not have a removable headrest, installation can be difficult.

LUCKYMAN Seat Covers [2015-2020]

Luckyman Club truck seat covers fit the 2015 to 2020 Ford F150 crew compartment.


The design comes with expertly applied colors to the ornamental parts and can be used in numerous possibilities.

The PU leather is softly padded to add a luxurious feel to the seat cover. Your passengers will appreciate it.


The waterproof PU leather is easy to clean and care for. The seat cover looks quite sturdy but is also extremely comfortable.


It is easy to install, especially if you have a removable headrest. It takes about 30-45 minutes to get used to it.


The non-slip coating prevents slipping on the seat, which is a useful feature.

The padding is sufficient and noticeable from the moment you touch the surface, not just the padding.

The pocket can hold maps, phones, and other small items. It is ideal for storing small toys in households.

AIERXUAN 2 Seat Covers

These Alxuan seat covers fit Ford F150 Crew Cab models from 2009 to 2021.


Smooth leather design, basic cut color, give a little color, very beautiful impact.

With a diamond cross pattern and stacked parallel lines, the stitching is unique. It exudes elegance and looks very comfortable. There are many different shades to choose from.

These seat covers do not obstruct the side airbags.


It is made of waterproof PU leather and appears to be of high quality. The stitching is secure and, if placed correctly, should last a long time.


The instructions are simple to follow and can be done in 45 minutes.


These seat covers are sufficiently padded for long-distance travel. There are additional pockets for small items in the front and back of the front seats.

Totally Seat Covers

Totally Covers seat cover is designed for the 1997-2000 Ford F150 with a 40/60 split-bench.


A style for those who don’t mind expressing themselves. This car seat cover comes in a variety of camouflage patterns and color palettes.

The prints are not in Full HD, but look clean and high quality after installation.

Some users have reported that the color fades after prolonged use.


The fabric is machine washable, thin and durable. The seat area is padded.


It can be laid in about an hour, and the elastic lining keeps excess material neatly tucked away.

This type of fabric can simply be inserted into the seat well to ensure a perfect fit and is lightweight and easy to install.

Best Seat Cover For Ford F150 [Buying Guide]

It is critical to understand what distinguishes a good seat cover from a bad one. This can help you save time and money by not wasting it.

Here are some considerations you should look into when buying a Ford F150 seat cover.


Seat covers are constructed from a variety of materials, however, for the purpose of simplicity, most seat covers are constructed from the following materials:


This material is both waterproof and breathable, making it ideal for warm weather. They can also increase the softness of the seat cover due to the natural sponge fabric.

This is a fantastic option for people who have children, as the fabric is easy to clean after being splashed and soaked.

Due to the permeable fabric, neoprene is also an excellent choice for getting to and from an exercise location.

Cotton/polyester blend

Cotton blends are used in some of the most durable seat covers we’ve seen. They tend to be rough in nature, but are very attractive to visitors.

One disadvantage is that, unlike neoprene, they are difficult to clean quickly after a leak.

PU leather / leather

When it comes to leather seat covers, we’ve seen a wide range of designs.

On the other hand, some leather options combine style and functionality, as well as being very sturdy and waterproof.

Great for hosting guests and family, but not ideal for people who need to go outside regularly or transport their beloved pets.


The convenience of seat cover installation is what you want to ensure. Some seat covers are simple to install, while others are a total pain to install.

You might think this is determined by the seat cover itself, but this is not always the case. It can also be determined by the fit and installation instructions.

Seat cover (universal)

Because seat covers are of general manufacture, they will fit a variety of comparable automobiles.

Because seat sizes, airbags, and so forth vary somewhat, they tend to be simpler to install.

Custom Seat Covers

Custom seat covers are usually made to fit a certain type of car. As a result, they usually give almost complete coverage from the factory, which looks fantastic.

The trade-off is that they are more difficult to install, and they require people who are comfortable working on their cars.

The suggestions are valuable.

We realize this goes without saying, but recommendations from people you know are like gold dust.

Most likely to be the most reliable information about your potential purchase.

Warranty after the sale

While buying a seat cover is not critical, choosing a brand with an excellent customer service record can give you some peace of mind.

Bottom line

You want your seats to look like the day you bought them – really! Nothing guarantees this more than a seat cover. You can go through this list again, but this time pay close attention to the parameters that best suit your vehicle type and style.


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