Find The Best Off-Road Tires For Your Daily Driving

If you love driving or are a car enthusiast, you are bound to know more than a thing or two about tires. Daily driving to work, back home, and on a regular road for various purposes is essential. It helps improve your driving. Driving off-road is a different skill; only a few wish to learn or master.

Are you a fan of off-road driving? Love to drive your truck or jeep on muddy terrains? Or are you a car enthusiast who loves those big bulky tires for your truck that you use for daily driving? If you are nodding a yes, your biggest concern would be the tire’s suitability.

Can you use off-road tires for daily use? How can you select? Here is a curated guide for your pursual.

Off-Road Vs. Daily Driving

First, you need to understand what an off-road tire is and how it differs from your daily driving tires.

Off-road tires, also known as mud tires, are bigger and bulkier than your regular tires. They have a heavy block tread that helps them move on muddy terrains without slipping or spinning.

These tires suit uneven, rocky, and even slippery muddy terrain. The classic “off-road” terrain you don’t see on your regular highways.

Your regular tires are smaller and lighter. They have a smoother tread as they do not need to go through uneven terrain. These tires are designed for a smooth, bump-free ride on long winding roads or highways. The smooth treads cause lesser friction and better comfort.

Using Mud Tires On The Street

While technically and legally, there is nothing wrong with using your mud tires on the streets, it is not something a person with knowledge about tires would do. If you drive off-road regularly and want tires you can use on and off-roads, all-terrain tires can be a good option.

Are They Different?

Wondering if the all-terrain tires are any different from the off-road tires?

Yes, they are different. 

  • Off-Road Tires – The mud tires have large tread designs that are both deep and wide. The space between the treads allows you to drive on muddy and uneven surfaces without trapping debris or gravel. 

They are bulky, heavy, and not very smooth to drive on the roads or streets. You are bound to experience a bumpy ride if you drive to the nearest restaurant from your home with those tires.

  • All-Terrain Tires – These tires have smaller treads, and the design is more narrow. They drive well on snow, icy and wet roads. They prevent skidding and offer better traction on the roads. 

If you drive on the streets with these tires, your ride won’t be as bumpy as the off-road tires. On the other hand, if you are an off-road driver, you might not be happy with the performance of these tires when you try to speed in muddy or off-road conditions. 

How To Choose

If you regularly drive on-road and off-road, you may want to invest in off-road tires that are not so bumpy or are better lasting on the roads.

  1. Tread Life – The treads tend to wear out over time. When you use off-road tires on regular roads, they tend to wear out faster, requiring you to change the tires sooner than expected. So look for tires that have a long tread life. 
  2. Stability – The stability of the tread surface is essential when you want to use an off-road tire on regular roads. The more stable the design, the better the friction on the road, thus reducing slipping or skidding. Low friction will also prevent the tires from overheating and, in turn, increase the tread life.
  3. Design – Off-road tires come with big treads and large gaps in the design. Some models come with reinforcing tie bars in the tread, thus improving the tires’ stability. You can use such tires not on just roads but gravel or clay as well. But here it is important that you select a design that suits your personality or per say your style.
  4. Durability – No one wants to change their tires frequently. If your vehicle regularly carries heavy loads, the wear and tear will increase. You need to check which tire offers more durability.
  5. Visual Appeal – Let’s not forget the visual appeal. Most people who opt for off-road tires when they mostly drive within the city do it for the appearance. These tires have a visual appeal and can make your vehicle look rugged. So, check for an impressive-looking tread line. Dirty or clean, they can look the part and increase the visual appeal of your entire vehicle.
  6. Sidewall – When it comes to visual appeal, it also includes sidewall features. Some tires are plain, and some manufacturers pay attention to this detail and have rugged designs. It can instantly increase the visual appeal. Stiff sidewalls can also give you a better grip when turning corners, especially on slippery surfaces.
  7. Weather Conditions – What is the weather condition you will be driving it? Does your city have a dry climate or a wet and snowy climate? If you live in a wet area, you need tires that can offer better traction and support.
  8. Noise – How much crunch can it produce on regular roads? The bigger the treads, the more the noise will be when the tire comes in contact with the road surface. This can affect your driving or traveling experience. Some off-road tire designs produce lesser noise. Opt for them.


If you use your car for your daily commute but like to escape the city life and head off the road for the weekend, then you need tires suitable for both terrains. While you cannot use a daily driving tire for off-road purposes, vice-versa is possible.

So, investing in an excellent off-road tire for everyday driving becomes necessary. Selecting a suitable tire for your car is definitely a challenging task, but with good research and the tips provided above, it’s definitely going to be a smooth sail.


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