Best Exhaust System for Silverado 1500

The Chevrolet Silverado 1500 is one of the most popular trucks on the market today in the United States. This is a strong vehicle that is ideal for hauling cargo and huge shipments. Many people are looking for the best exhaust system for the Silverado 1500, and the aftermarket offers a lot of alternatives.

Silverado owners are hoping for an exhaust system that delivers more power and better sound quality to the truck while driving and putting the pedal to the metal. However, don’t get us wrong: the Silverado’s standard exhaust system is fantastic in its own right. If you want something that allows vehicles to perform at their best, read on to learn about the best systems on the market today.

Best Exhaust System for Chevy Silverado 1500

Your vehicle’s exhaust system is its lifeblood. A good exhaust system is necessary to ensure that the car runs smoothly. One of its main functions is to redirect harmful exhaust gases from the engine. A failure in the exhaust system should be taken seriously. Because it can cause engine damage and a buildup of potentially lethal carbon monoxide.

Another reason to ensure proper exhaust system operation is to reduce emissions and improve fuel efficiency. The most essential thing is to locate the ideal exhaust system for the Silverado 1500 that will not put undue stress on the engine.

Here is a list of the best aftermarket exhaust systems for you to consider.

1. Borla 140537 – Best Exhaust System for 2017 Silverado 1500

Borla makes no bold promises in terms of performance improvement when employing this exhaust system. Of course, most aftermarket exhaust systems increase engine airflow and power (however little), but if you want to increase original power, this is not an exhaust system.

The Borla 140537 will not increase the performance of your 2017 Silverado, but it will change the way it sounds. The ATAK exhaust is quite loud.

If you’re not familiar with the acronym ATAK, it stands for “Tone Application Dynamics.” It may not make sense to you, but it is the name of Borla’s patented exhaust design, which intensifies the sound of the car by customizing the exhaust system to a particular make and model.

This is an important advantage, as other companies often operate on a “one size fits all” basis, making comparable exhaust systems for various cars. Borla’s ATAK technology ensures that the exhaust system is tailor-made for 2017 Silverado1 and fine-tunes the car’s sound.

2. Flowmaster 817689 

The Flowmaster 817689 is another exhaust system aimed at increasing the sound of the car and ensuring greater efficiency (as it should be), but no statistics are given, so it may not be an exhaust system for performance enthusiasts.

It is, however, an exhaust system for people who like to drive loudly. The Flowmaster 817689 is quite loud both inside and outside the passenger compartment. Passersby will notice your 2017 Silverado and remember how loud it is.

The exhaust system may be louder than the Borla 140537, though it’s not audible. It’s aggressive and scary, and it’s no wonder it carries drones.

This exhaust system is also suitable for people on a tight budget. While not cheap, the Flowmaster 817689 is less expensive (and louder) than most of its rivals. It’s a wonderful choice for budget-conscious buyers who need a robust, rumbling sound for their truck.

3. Gibson Performance Exhaust 60-0029

This Gibson Performance 2 exhaust system will answer all your needs: it will significantly increase the performance of your engine and produce a very loud sound.

Gibson Performance 60-0029 will provide 21 horsepower to your 2017 Silverado in terms of economy. This is a significant improvement, especially considering the low cost of the exhaust system.

Then came a very loud voice. Some people will like it, while others will not. Gibson’s performance on 60-0029 is just ridiculous. On the plus side, there is hardly any hum.

The negative side is that it is extremely loud, but if you enjoy it, you’ll be a fan.

4. Borla 140572 – Great 2017 Chevy 1500 Exhaust

Borla 140572 is a different type of ATAK exhaust system. Using 140572 instead of 140537 will result in a loud and clear sound.

Borla 140572 particularly excels when it comes to performance enhancement. You can anticipate horsepower to increase by 7% to 10% when using this Borla exhaust.

The two Borla exhaust systems appear to be somewhat different. As a result, even though their specifications are comparable, you may favor one over the other. This one offers superior performance, but it is also more expensive. It’s up to you to determine if it’s worth it.

5. CORSA 14866

There is no doubt that CORSA and Borla manufacture some of the best exhaust systems on the market. The CORSA 14866 is no exception; it can provide outstanding sound while greatly improving performance.

Although the sound of the CORSA 14866 is loud, there is no hum. This is due to CORSA’s noise cancellation technology, which allows it to cancel out frequencies that are known to trigger driving. Even on the highway, CORSA’s loud cabin sound will go unnoticed.

Although CORSA does not give figures in terms of power, performance can be increased. Reduced back pressure and increased airflow improve engine performance in terms of power and torque.

6. CORSA 14873 – 4WD V8 Silverado 1500 Exhaust

The CORSA 14873 is comparable to the CORSA 14866; they were intended for the 2017 Silverado and offer exceptional sound and performance improvements. The key difference is that the CORSA 14873 is an upgraded version of the CORSA 14866, so it is somewhat superior in every way (of course, the price has increased).

At cruising speeds, CORSA’s non-restrictive design decreases backpressure and eliminates cabin hum, although this is present in both types of CORSA back-to-back exhaust systems. Performance improvements are also comparable.

The key argument for choosing this exhaust system over other CORSA exhaust systems is that it is a newer, upgraded version. There is no need to choose an outdated exhaust system if you can afford it, even if both are correct.

7. MBRP S5080AL

The MBRP S5080AL is your low-cost option for the 2017 Silverado. Ineffective: No other aftermarket exhaust system compares to this MBRP in terms of price and performance.

Sure, you won’t get high-end items (the MBRP S5080AL, for example, is made of aluminized steel instead of stainless steel), nor will you get a significant performance increase, but you will receive fantastic sound and somewhat better engine performance.

Because this is a low-cost alternative, you may encounter some unwanted buzzing through this exhaust system, but if built properly, you should be able to handle it to some extent.

MBRP also did not disclose any statistics on performance gains, however, the exhaust system does increase engine airflow, so some gains could be anticipated.

What to consider when buying the Best Exhaust System for Silverado 1500?


The first thing to ensure when choosing an exhaust system is quality. You should look for an exhaust system that is suitable for your engine type, whether it is small or large.

Inferior engine exhaust systems are ineffective on larger engine vehicles. The desired quality should not be inferior to the standard exhaust type. If you like the sound of street racing, you should look for a loud and full exhaust system.

Exhaust Tip:

Make sure the exhaust system you choose has an exhaust header that does not overhang the rear bumper. If the exhaust nozzle is too long, it will undoubtedly produce misunderstandings or safety hazards in a matter of days.


Get in the habit of cleaning the exhaust pipe at least once a week after installing the new exhaust system. It is difficult to remove the first impact of staining if you do not pay attention.

Installation parts:

Before purchasing an exhaust system for your vehicle, make sure you have confirmed the availability of all installed components as well as the manual. This is because if you have knowledge of automotive installation, you can install the exhaust system yourself with the help of the instruction manual, saving money.

Check the specifications to make sure that all kit components are available so that you do not overlook any important items during the installation procedure.

Muffler size:

Muffler size should also be considered when choosing an exhaust system. Loudness decreases as muffler size increases. There are many elements that influence exhaust sound, one of which is muffler size. Switch between a small muffler, a large muffler, and a quieter sound if you want to produce a raspy sound.

Pipe design:

Examine the pipe architecture of your preferred exhaust system. X-shaped duct design may decrease exhaust noise, but an H-shaped duct design may produce a sharper exhaust sound.

Thermal barrier:

Before choosing an exhaust system, you should also check whether the air intake is insulated. It is essential for the vehicle to acquire the most power possible with the help of the new exhaust system.

Mandrel bending:

Look for a mandrel-bent exhaust system variant on a car, not a compression-bent type of exhaust system. The mandrel has been bent to allow for optimum air movement. There are no kinks in the mandrel bend to obstruct or stabilize airflow.

Fuel efficiency:

Consider an exhaust system that does not impair the fuel efficiency of the vehicle. There are many aftermarket exhaust systems in the region that reduce the car’s mileage when traveling at high speeds. Look for the best exhaust system that can increase fuel economy rather than decrease it.

Safety distance:

Make sure that the exhaust system you buy is sturdy and at least 5 cm away from the fuel system. This will prevent these components from being used to scrub exhaust gases to prevent a fire.


What exactly is an exhaust system and what does it mean?

The exhaust system is the main asset that controls air intake in a vehicle. It is necessary to remove toxic gases from the vehicle and prevent them from causing engine damage.

The biggest advantage of these exhaust systems is that they can reduce exhaust fumes, which can help you save money on maintenance in the long run.

How to choose the best exhaust system?

In this article, the five best exhaust systems have been tested and analyzed under the supervision of various manufacturers. However, depending on your current requirements, you can choose the ideal system for you. You should read this article to understand the functional parameters of each item and make a more informed decision.

What exactly are muffler systems and how do they work?

Depending on the manufacturer, there are two types of muffler exhaust systems: single exhaust systems and dual exhaust systems.

A single muffler exhaust system consists of a single exhaust pipe that transports air and expels combustion gases. Its manifolds are connected in a Y-shape near the muffler and catalytic converter.

Most cars use an exhaust system with a single muffler. The gases are routed to these separate exhaust pipes through the manifold. However, the exhaust system can be upgraded with a dual muffler exhaust system.

The two muffler exhaust system is obviously more efficient in processing the gases traveling through the multiple exhaust pipes to give more power. This also minimizes the amount of backpressure in the engine and the amount of power loss in the vehicle.

How does the sound of a single exhaust system compare to that of a dual exhaust system?

The exhaust sound enhances the appearance of the car, making the engine the most attractive while driving down the road. Both single and dual exhaust systems can create powerful roars and include an intelligent mechanism for suppressing interior noise and focused exterior sound. The 10 exhaust systems described above on the Silverado 1500 are used to give a black tone to the road.

Can I install the exhaust system myself?

Today, exhaust systems can come with a plethora of accessories and instruction manuals, allowing vehicle owners to install all the extras themselves. People with basic knowledge and interest in automobiles can simply open and install the exhaust system on their vehicle. You should read the instruction manual accurately if you do not want any technician to touch your car with his hands.

If you have problems, you should seek the help of an expert, as this is a demanding task that requires patience and precision.

Is it possible to anticipate better fuel economy after installing a new exhaust system?

All of the following unique exhaust system designs make use of contemporary technologies to improve fuel efficiency. The mandrel elbow in the exhaust system can remove burned gases more quickly and easily. It can improve gas economy compared to OEM exhaust inventory.

Final Thoughts

You should now have a good notion of the best exhaust systems for Silverado 1500 that offer excellent performance. The purpose of this material is to help car owners in purchasing the right items based on their needs and requirements. Moreover, all these exhaust systems can be employed in various types of automobiles and variations of vehicles.

If you are a sports car enthusiast, you may want to go through all these exhausts to choose the one that best complements your vehicle’s scream on the street. It offers your car a more aggressive feel while racing on the street.

Those exhaust aficionados who are concerned about legal action as a result of public involvement can also choose a system with a superior internal and external resonance balance. Not only that, but if you want to save money on gas and get a better economy, you can choose a legal alternative to the best exhaust system for Silverado 1500 listed above.


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