Best Cold Air Intake for 5.7 Hemi Charger

The very best method to begin the day would be to listen to your 5.7 Hemi crying louder than previously. Additionally, you’ll never be able to deny you’ve always wished to find a little additional horsepower! You can get all of them from your cold air consumption! And when these are all you’ve always wanted, you’re in the ideal location!

Additionally, tiny improved throttle response is likely to make double the gratification. And if you’re eying for fuel market, what could be greater than cold air intake?

Best Cold Air Intake for 5.7 Hemi Charger

After enormous research on the ideal method to fortify your 5.7 Hemi Charger, we’ve produced the best 10 cold air intake which truly works! All of these accessible on Amazon. And this is the way you are able to make the engine operate better! Here is the quick list of best cold air intake for 5.7 Hemi charger.

1. K&N’s Air Charger 63-1561

The K&N 63 show cold air intake that is suitable for the Dodge Ram 1500 is the Air Conditioning 63-1561 merchandise. This air consumption is among the very best we can find for 5.7L HEMI engine, particularly for the energy increase it makes potential using an increased air flow station and bigger filter.

The Air Charger does a few of things to extend a better air supply to the motor . This prevents the air source from getting overly hot and interfering with the air-fuel mix.

This ingestion and the subsequent one in this guide were near second and first place in our publication. We enjoyed K&N’s concentrate on functionality and just how far it delivered, and of course fine touches such as a wax filter. Together with fair rates, their versions represented the very best value for the money.

2.  Mopar 77070044AC Cold Air Intake

It seems amazing but the operation is far better than that. On the other hand, the installment of the cold air intake is a breeze. You can get it done in 1 hour and sometimes, if you’re a PRO in that, you can certainly do it in 25-30 minutes!

If it concerns the throttle reaction, you will find a noticeable improvement from the throttle response. If you’re attempting to find a cold air intake that raises the aggression of your car or truck, you’ve already got this!

Horsepower advancement is detectable in case you utilize this chilly air intake. The bolt-on system of the cold air consumption will require all of the chilly air to the cone and finally from the intake manifold. Regardless of what the weather state is, your automobile will get much better MPG.

This is especially designed for 5.7L. Thus, you do not have to worry about your Hemi 5.7L. This will match your car or truck correctly. This will filter the atmosphere perfectly.

3.  Airaid 351-210 Intake System

This particular cold air consumption is famous one of the consumers for the ideal fit. As soon as you proceed through the specification and understand it matches your vehicle, after installing it, you will understand the ideal match.

The plan of the intake process is quite straightforward and straightforward. We often get anxious about simplicity. However, these good things do not require ornamentation!

Together with the installation of the cold air intake, even when you’ve got plans to observe a few additional MPGs, then you’re going to find that. On the flip side, on your Hemi 5.7, you will realize a substantial difference in the noise of the controller.

The audio will improve and you’ll feel much better while driving. It is going to absolutely be much throatier. The setup on the other hand is rather straightforward. It takes less or more 1 hour to put in it.

There are problems regarding the education for the setup as it retains it more on your own creativity. However, the MPG advancement and profound noise will make you forget !

4.  S&B Filters 75-5106 Cold Air Intake

The 75-5106 is S&B’s response to the demand for a much better cold air intake to its Dodge Ram 1500’s 5.7L HEMI. This intake is created from heat-resistant silicone to enhance both its appearance and its general life. The filter may be reused by blowing dust and debris from it using compressed air.

S&B increased overall air circulation by 41.3percent with this cold air intake design, which enhances air ingestion efficiency by almost 100%. They worked to make sure that the change in air circulation does not interfere with the engine detectors, designing their consumption to adapt to ISO 5011 criteria . The silicone plastic casing is somewhat glossier than polyethylene and resists long-term heating damage.

If you’re searching for ingestion that delivers a choice between air filters along with well-designed home, then this is a choice to take into account.

5.  K&N Cold Air Intake Kit 6902526TP

The chilly air intakes by K&N have consistently been the best in the marketplace until today. It is one of the best cold air intake for 5.7 Hemi charger.

If you’re here in order to find the horsepower advancement, you may notice just a tiny difference.

Concerning the gas mileage, in days, you may observe the best way to get more energy from gas. This can enable you in reducing fuel consumption also.

We always wish to hear our motor roar like a monster. If you receive this one, you do not have to wait to follow this! You can’t conquer the throttle response it gives into the motor and the way your engine seems!

The filter box of the cold air intake includes a massive gap. In cases like this, you may need some fittings. The directions are complex and brief for novices.

Even occasionally, the professionals receive somewhat disappointed with the directions. However, as soon as you understand how to set up, it’s merely a matter of time you receive the best out of the motor!

6. K&N Cold Air Intake Kit

If you wish to acquire the ideal filter out of your cold air intake, then you can depend on this one! The seals of this Cold air consumption is very excellent. On the other hand, the filter casing will require a few technical functions. However, in regard to the throttle reaction, this really is a gem at the audience.

This isn’t really amazing for the MPG or electricity improvement but the noise will certainly improve.

To the contrary, you may no have to wash out the chilly air intake filter regularly. In addition, it has the capacity to protect your engine. The acceleration will find a visible improvement after incorporating this together with your truck.

This unit isn’t just ideal for your Hemi 5.7 but for multi-models. Thus, this is very adaptable for you. If you understand the fundamentals of the setup, it’ll be simple for you to install it.

However, in comparison with the other products mentioned here, the directions here are not simple to comprehend.

7. Mopar 2011-2013 Dodge Challenger

If you’re wondering whether there’s any particular cold air intake that’s made to get Hemi then you’re in the perfect location. This Mopar cold air intake is your best purchase for the Hemi 5.7 since this may match perfectly with your motor vehicle.

After getting this set up, all you may get in a search engine and much better strength. People who have very little understanding about trucks get confused about the setup procedure for cold air consumption.

Together with your small expertise, you can set up this one. Additionally, together with the noise, in the event the horsepower advancement is exactly what you need, this is sometimes the ideal.

This will get your visible power profit in your motor vehicle. Additionally, the directions included with all the kit are extremely simple to comprehend. Your automobile can breathe better using this kit. The throttle response will cause you to settle with this chilly air intake indefinitely!

If the gas market is all about for you personally, this is sometimes the very best selection for you. Additionally, there’s absolutely no oiling required in the instance of the Mopar cold air intake.

8.  K&N Cold Air Intake Kit 57-1533

K&N has amazing cold air consumption versions offered and the majority of them are high quality. From technology to standard, what is high in regards to this cold air consumption. For your 5.7L Hemi, this may enhance all you desire!

You will notice a massive difference in the noise when it’s time to work on the acceleration. When you operate the truck, then you’ll certainly hear some monster if you put in this one. The greater throttle response will also allow you to feel this one will be the right for you.

It’s true, you will understand a little bit of gas mileage enhancement. But that isn’t overly visible. Additionally, you need to wait to determine gas mileage advancement. But, horsepower Will Certainly be enhanced after adding this on your own truck

It takes less filtering and in addition, it boosts the acceleration of your car or truck. By giving cold atmosphere, it typically protects your engine. Additionally, you receive a guarantee if you’d like a replacement according to any issue. Additionally, check the components prior to buying them.

9. K&N’s 77-1561KP Air Intake

K&N’s 77 Series includes got the 77-1661KP intake readily available for many distinct Dodge truck models such as the Ram 1500.

This ingestion yields comparable performance gains in comparison to Air Charger. The most important distinction is the fact that it includes a housing made from polished aluminum, that can be more lasting in high-heat environments like those found beneath the hood of a job truck such as the Ram 1500. It features the exact same oversize, chrome-topped filter which may last 100,000 until it clogs.

If you’re able to devote a bit more to get a better-looking aluminum casing, I would suggest this air intake within the 63 Series merchandise. If you are more interested in functionality, you can not fail with both of those intakes and spare a little cash obtaining the Air Charger rather than.

10. AIRAID 303-277 MXP Air Intake System

This is just another of the greater cold air consumption replacements to the stock intake which is included with the 5.7L HEMI. Like many others, it utilizes a large, washable filter that is created for higher air circulation . It is billed as a means to boost engine performance, however there was not much detail about just how much horsepower benefit it supplied. The kit also has a lifetime guarantee, which can be a plus.

It utilizes a much better filter than the mill intake, however. It’s a lot of quantity to permit airflow and lower the number of cleanings necessary after every two or three years of too many environments.

For the difference in cost, we want to find out more functionality advantages than you get out of this air intake update. We did enjoy the lifetime guarantee, however. You do not find many producers with the top quality workmanship to back up that.

11. aFe’s 54-72102 Momentum GT Cold Air Intake

If you’re searching for the most innovative cold air intake on the current market, aFe’s 54-72102 Momentum GT version is the top performing aftermarket ingestion we can find. The most striking points of the intake layout would be the innovative washable, five-layer filter and the quantity of horsepower benefit it could provide.

The performance advantages that are possible with this ingestion is frequently as far as 14 horsepower or even 19 pound-feet of torque in high RPMs. They also supply the ingestion with their Guru 5R air filter, which uses five layers of progressively finer substance to prevent the tiniest particles of dust. The filter employs oiled cotton meshes, making it pliable using a soapy-water wash.

In case you’ve got the budget for this particular high-quality cold air intake update, we would recommend it for Dodge Ram 1500 owners that wish to find every ounce of horsepower potential in the 5.7L HEMI engine.

Buying Guide for 5.7 Hemi Charger Cold Air Intake

Benefits of Upgrading Your Cold Air Intake

You could be surprised if you study cold air intakes to detect exactly how significant air is into your life and functioning of a motor. Below are a couple of the advantages of upgrading to aftermarket air consumption.

  • Increased power: A air intake with increased airflow may provide the HEMI the oxygen it needs to maximize its horsepower.
  • Better fuel market: Better air circulation may also boost the fuel economy of a diesel engine by helping to burn all of the fuel that enters the combustion chambers. The outcome is much more miles driven for each and every gallon.
  • Decreased engine upkeep: Aftermarket air intakes frequently replace the mill intake filters using higher performance products which may go longer before you will need to replace them. Higher quality filters prevent contaminants from getting into the engine.
  • Quicker throttle response: Airflow also impacts how responsive the motor is to the accelerator. A limited air intake or obstructed intake filter may produce the engine look sluggish once you want to accelerate fast.

Features of Cold Air Intakes to Consider Before Buying


The very first thing you need to notice when you want to purchase a cold air intake for Hemi 5.7 Charger is matching. In case the size of this cold air intake does not match with your Hemi 5.7 Charger, the chilly air intake isn’t of any use.

You do not need to invest too much on this kind of intake that does not fit. Thus, before all, undergo the size graph and assess whether Hemi 5.7 is enjoyed in the listing or not. The simpler the match, the better. Thus, before you have a look into the aforementioned advantage, make sure that the match .

Air Intake Filter

Whenever you’re purchasing a cold air intake to your Hemi 5.7, the next thing you want to notice from the filter. If you’re settling for a filter that’s not washable, you won’t be able to use it .

Thus, for the 5.7 Hemi Charger, you need to get a cold air intake that’s washable. And consequently, you’ll have the ability to reuse it.

The filters which are reusable and washable will endure for a longer period. Furthermore, it’s also light in your wallet. So, why do you waste money on chilly air consumption replacements?

Air Intake Housing

The form of your intake home is liable for funneling air within the HEMI engine. Therefore, the form and the dimensions of this home is quite important. ‘

The home can hold a specific quantity of atmosphere. Additionally, the straightness of these home matters concerning taking chilly air to the motor.

These two have an influence on the loudness of the atmosphere your motor receives.

Heat Shield

After the air gets within the Hemi motor, we know that the atmosphere is chilly as you’re addressing the chilly air intake procedure. On the other hand, the chilly hair has a fever also. Along with the air temperature is going to have an influence on the operation of the entire cold air intake procedure.

But if you’re a Hemi 5.7 proprietor, you need to be pleased to know that Hemi is created for cold air distribution. But in this circumstance, the colder the air, the greater things would be! Some air intakes aren’t that good in maintaining the air quite cold.

On the flip side, in addition, there are cold air intakes which will additionally use a heat shield. The job of the heat shield would be to safeguard the chilly air from becoming heated.

With the second kind, once the air moves through the filter and the home, the atmosphere will remain colder than another intakes. Go with this one.

Frequently Asked Question!

How much HP does a cold air intake include to the 5.7 Hermi? 

Whenever your Hemi 5.7 goes via a cold air intake, the 1 horsepower is created in each cubic inch.

Thus, you can already envision that in the event you go via a cold air intake procedure, you’re likely to find a visible gap in the horsepower of your Hemi 5.7L. The horsepower may enhance to 390 in the event that you keep the ideal procedure of cold air consumption.

What fundamental tools are necessary for a cold air intake procedure?

You need to maintain some fundamental tools in your garage if you’d like to do the chilly air intake procedure on your own.

To start with, you’ll require a 3/4 inches wrench using a 13mm socket.

A ratchet in conjunction with a 5/16 inch socket is chiefly utilised in the procedure. Another wrench of 10mm along with an Allen wrench of 4mm will meet the entire tool listing for cold air consumption.

How long does it take to put in a fresh cold air intake?

The installation of this chilly air intake entirely depends upon the chilly air intake you’re using. Some are really complex and so, they’ll require the time to set up. On the flip side, some are extremely simple even for novices.

Additionally, it depends upon your degree of experience. If you’re experienced in this business, you can take action within half an hour and if you’re a newbie, then you may take 2 hours or longer to correct it!