Save fuel with proper air conditioning in your car. Overcome auto mode

Keeping the interior of the car at an ideal temperature for driving always involves energy consumption , energy that is produced expressly or that is used by other systems, but in any case energy that is obtained from fuel consumption. Therefore, based on the fact that energy expenditure is a toll that cannot be avoided, what we can do is … Read more

The car is leaking oil, what can I do?

Now that we have seen the functions of the oil in the car engine, we have to consider the situations in which we may suffer some kind of mishap with it. The most obvious situation is what we can detect with the naked eye: an oil leak. Then there is the bluish smoke that we can release from the … Read more

The age of tires and their expiration: myths and facts

Tires are the footwear of our car, and many times we pay too little attention to them, something that can cost us dearly in terms of our personal safety, but which is easily avoided if we know how to interpret the health of our tires correctly. Many factors influence the tires, such as inflation pressures or slipping on the asphalt (for example … Read more

The nine most common car breakdowns and how to avoid them

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The breakdown of the car are a setback in any situation, but if we also realize that we have taken our action (or inaction), we’ll pull the hairs. They usually occur at the most inopportune moment, although if we are objective we will realize that the moment becomes the worst possible just because the car does not start. Among all the … Read more

Shock absorbers, everything you wanted to know and did not dare to ask

If there are some elements of the car that deserve our attention and that tend to stay away from basic scrutiny, they are the shock absorbers. There is a tendency to believe that shock absorbers can withstand in perfect condition almost the entire useful life of the car, but the truth is that they have to be periodically … Read more

Bad smell and poor quality air? This summer check the cabin filter

The summer is the ideal time to devote to our vehicle a little attention after an intense year of carefree use. Precisely at this time of year, it is essential to do a thorough review of one of the most used systems given the high temperatures: air conditioning. Any symptom that may make us think that the air conditioning system of … Read more

Why do you need to check your car after a long trip?

Now that we are all immersed in the routine and we look with love and longing for the next vacation, we must bear in mind that for all those leisure trips we almost always use the car to the desired place. After all these trips, that between round trips and trips to the destination, a good handful … Read more

Air conditioning breakdowns that make us head over heels

Now in winter we use more heating, an infinitely simpler system since it basically involves using the heat generated by the vehicle’s engine. However, with the increasingly sophisticated air conditioners, the breakdowns that affect you are also more frequent. And since we do not want to die of cold (or heat, if you are lucky enough to … Read more

If your car is jerking, these may be the main reasons

As a general rule, when you don’t know how something works, it’s a headache if something happens. Especially if that thing is a car, which we drive to work with every day, and how can we expect it, it is a real nuisance to get stuck in the middle of the road. However, most breakdowns … Read more