Audi A4 Battery Location and How to Replace the Battery

 Audi is an international company, manufacturing and introducing new facilities in the cars. It started working in Germany in 1910. Now, it is among one of the most renowned car manufacturing companies.

Audi A4 models are considered to be the best because of their unique and comfortable designs. This is a small luxury car that provides the rider with ease and comfort during the ride. It has three charged engines that make it worthy to buy.

 Moreover, its standard features and its classy interior is attracting a lot of people to buy it. The specifications of the Audi include its weight that is 1550 kg and its top speed is 241 kilometers per hour. It is available in 5 colors that give the buyers a chance to choose their favorite color. Audi is also used in various movies and T.V shows.

  • Audi A8 was used in the movie “Spiderman- Homecoming.”
  • It was also used in the “Avenger- End game”
  • In 2019 it also appeared in another movie “Spiderman- Far from home.”

Its use in different movies makes it more appealing for the buyers. Nowadays, the company is manufacturing different sports cars, trucks, vegans, and many other normal cars using advanced technologies.

This article will be helpful to you, locating the car of the battery and ways to change it. Let’s explore the location of the battery and learn to replace the battery.

Location of the battery in Audi A4:

If you want to change the battery of your Audi A4 vehicle. The first thing that you need to know is the location of the battery that is different in different models of the car.

The following are some of the common locations where you can locate your battery without making a lot of effort.

  • You can find your Audi A4 car’s battery in the trunk lying under the spare tire of your car.
  • In the center of the bulkhead of the engine compartment.

After locating the location of the battery you will follow the following steps to remove the old battery and set a new one.

  • Step no.1:

If your battery is located in the trunk under the spare tire, you will need to move the tire very carefully and slowly to access your battery. If your battery is located in the bulkhead of the engine compartment then all you have to do is to remove weather stripping.

  • Step no. 2:

The second step involved to change your battery is to remove the cables connected with the batteries. To do this you will need to loosen the bolts which hold the wires to be connected to the battery with the help of a wrench. It is necessary to loosen all the bolts before removing the wires.

After you have loosened all the bolts it is time to remove the wires by gently pulling them.

  • Step no. 3:

The third step is to remove the battery from the tray. If your battery is placed under the spare tire of the car you can remove the battery by gently moving the tire.

But most of the Audi A4’s batteries are located in the bulkhead or firewall. These batteries are held in their place with the help of Allen bolts and three clamps. Before getting access to the Allen bolts and the clamps you will have to remove the rubber placed on the top. After removing the rubber all you have to do is to remove the rubber. After removing the rubber loosen up the Allen bolts and clamps to prepare the battery to be removed from the tray.

Now, remove the battery from the tray and replace it with the new one.

How to replace the battery:

  • Step no. 1:

After removing the old battery, you have to replace it with the new battery. It is quite difficult to set a new battery in the tray than removing the old battery. Before replacing the battery make sure that the battery you are using is clean from dirt and corrosion. 

Petroleum battery is one of the most effective ingredients, helps to protect the battery from corrosion. You can apply petroleum jelly to the terminals of the battery to protect it from any future corrosion.

Now place the battery in the tray in such a way that it fits in the tray and is not moveable. If the battery does not fit, be patient and try to fit it in the tray before you close the Allen bolts and clamps.

After the battery is fit in the tray close all the clamps and Allen bolts around the battery. Make sure that you secure the battery properly because if it will not be secured it will cause short circuits and will lead to other problems.

  • Step no. 2:

Once the battery is fixed. The next step is to reassemble all the things. If the battery is placed under the spare tire of the battery, you will have to close up the bolts and the clamps simply.

But if the battery is located in the bulkhead or the firewall of the car you will have to place rubber on the battery after attaching the cables with the battery’s terminal and tighten the bolts of the battery. If the cables will not be attached correctly to the battery it will cause short circuits.

After placing the rubber on the battery, fix the weather-stripping, and you are done.

Final Thoughts

In this article, you have learned the method of replacing the battery of the car. It is very easy and can be done without contacting an expert. But you must take care that you reassemble all the things as you removed because any carelessness can lead to short circuits and will create problems for you.

If you are not sure about the location of the battery you can consult the car’s manual or you can check the battery’s location by searching online.

We hope that you enjoyed reading the article.


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