2020 Ford Explorer Battery Location Where Is It?

You are not alone in wondering where the battery is situated on the 2020 Ford Explorer. It appears Ford’s designers decided to conceal it for unknown reasons. But have no fear—there! it’s

Simply lift the hood and inspect the upper-left corner of the engine compartment (near the front passenger seat, up near the windshield). There should be a battery tucked away inside.

Notably, the battery location in the 2020 Ford Explorer is not as visible as it is in most automobiles. This is why it can be first difficult to locate. However, once you do, you’ll be able to handle all battery-related issues with ease.

If you ever need to check the battery, replace it, or simply inspect it, you will know precisely where to look. And if you ever have difficulties locating the battery, simply go back to this post for assistance.


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